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Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia
Assalamualaikum. Welcome to my blog.. I'm deeba.. I'm 20 years old, be my follower ya, thanks readers.. :) "go go go , fight fight fight , win win win"..enjoy k..

Pengikut Setia Saya :)

i want to be..

♥♥..I want to be that girl that you can never stop talking about..♥♥
♥♥..that girl who you can't stop thinking about..♥♥
♥♥..that girl that makes you smile..♥♥
♥♥..that girl that admier's your sense of humor..♥♥
♥♥..that girl you call late at night to talk..♥♥
♥♥..that girl ur laugh with..♥♥
♥♥..that girl that makes your world stop..♥♥
♥♥..that girl that makes you happy..♥♥
♥♥..and that girl you love so much..♥♥ 

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